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stay mobile with soft mobility

stay mobile with soft mobility

what does soft mobility means

Soft mobility is a forward-looking pilot project which stands for environmentally friendly travel.

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To keep, protect and improve our wonderful natural environment, we have joined the EU-backed „Soft Mobility“ project. „Soft Mobility“ (SAMO) means environmentally friendly travel. As a „SAMO-Guest“ you will have arrived here by train or you will have left your car parked in Werfenweng and handed your car keys to the Tourist Office. You can then enjoy the huge range of free „soft mobility“ offers. With SAMO you can enjoy a better holiday experience: one without your car! We have something for everyone: young and old: something for journeys near and far.

Pick up your own Soft-Mobility card in our tourist office (€ 10.0) than you can enjoy the soft-mobility program.


On-site there is a wide choice of vehicles and alternative transportation options. Have fun with Electric Scooters or the Bigas – also for your children! Transfers to the next shopping destination, the city of Salzburg and attractive excursions and hikes complete the offer. Holidays without a car means: 100 % enjoyment and maximum flexibility.

All benefits on the SAMO Website


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